Mirror: Ed Balls turns Remain campaign into child's play as he urges Britain to vote to stay in EU

"....Back on the bus the smell of pastry filled the air – which would have been fine had Ed not invited a dozen youngsters to have a look round the coach at the next stop, Giant Leap Childcare and Learning House in Burnley.

The youngsters, sweetly sitting cross-legged in the car park as the bus arrived, eagerly boarded, with only knowing adults sniffing the lingering pastry fumes.

Then it was time for dessert – and Ed enlisted the help of 10 kids aged two and three to prepare his pudding.

The Great British Bake Off fan and one-time celebrity contestant joined youngsters adding vanilla icing and hundreds and thousands to ready-made fairy cakes.

Quite what little Shaun Clough's mum will make of this, one can only imagine.

But suffice to say two-year-old Shaun did rather well out of the politicians' visit.

First he emptied a jar of toppings onto a cake which he popped in his mouth, then he smeared chocolate over his face as he sunk his teeth into the soft sponge, before he finally clawed a piece out of a special Vote Remain cake and plonked it between his slavering lips.

“Yum yum,” said Ed, as Shaun continued with the job of wolfing down his cake."