Choosing the right childcare for you and your child

Finding good quality childcare can be an extremely difficult task for all parents. There are lots of things to look out for and remember to ask when you visit a childcare setting. How do I know if my child will be happy? Will they cater for my child's needs? Do they provide feedback about how my child is doing? What if my child doesn't like it? What play and learning opportunities do I want my child to have? Can I access free early education?

Here at Giant Leap we have provided a list of things we find important to share with parents who are looking around our setting for the first time.

  • We have trained and experienced staff, ready to learn and respond to your child's individual needs. 
  • We have busy, but relaxed, children who are happy and purposeful. 
  • We have a safe and clean environment which is extremely welcoming and friendly with an abundance of outdoor play space. 
  • We are culturally sensitive and exceptionally responsive to children's home life. 
  • We plan fun activities each day in accordance to the children’s current interests and individual stages of development.

Check quality

There are many ways of checking the quality of a setting. First and fore-most check the setting's latest Ofsted report at What are the settings strengths? What were the recommendations made by Ofsted? How has the setting actioned those recommendations?

Other parents' experiences of a childcare provider can also be very useful. Parents and service users have reviewed Giant Leap on Netmums, and on our Facebook page. We are very happy to put you in contact with other parents so that you can take up references about the service we provide. However, it is important to remember; what works for one family may not be suitable for your needs.

Healthy Food

If the setting has a food plan, find out what it serves at meal and snack times. Who prepares and cooks the meals? Where is the food sourced from? Does it encourage healthy eating habits and cover all the food groups? How does the setting provide for children with allergies and special dietary needs?

Giant Leap provide a full weaning menu. All meals are freshly prepared onsite by our very own Head Chef. All ingredients are of high quality and under no circumstances are any artificial ingredients used. We provide for all dietary requirements and provide unlimited amounts of fruit to all children attending our setting both at nursery and for your journey home. Our mealtimes are relaxed and fun; the children are encouraged to self-serve meals all the way through nursery and can help themselves to drinks and snacks.

Wherever possible, involve your child in the process. Remember that children process their experiences and environments differently to the way adults do. It may take repeat visits or settling in sessions before your child is confident and happy with their new childcare provider.


No matter what your working hours are, you are still your child's essential caregiver; the most consistent source of love and support in their life. Under your care and guidance, along with the help of your well-chosen childcare, your child will flourish and grow into a happy, healthy child.