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The role of the Early Years Teacher

The role of the Early Years Teacher

Early Years Teachers are graduate leaders specialising in early childhood development, trained to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage for children from birth to five years of age. The significant role of the Early Years Teacher brings in-depth knowledge, skills and experience which are all powerful contributory factors to improving outcomes for children. 

Giant Leap Childcare and Learning Centre benefits’ from employing a trained graduate who adds value to the nursery team as she shares her leadership, skills and expertise whilst at the same time bringing in fresh and innovative ideas.  Being an Early Years Teacher involves reflecting on current practice and re-thinking ways of doing things to improve procedures which in turn ensures we are always offering the best possible service to our children and families. 

Young children’s brains are like sponges, absorbing knowledge and making new connections faster than any other time in life. We have got to challenge the misconception that learning can wait for school; pre-school years are a critical time for the brain to develop key skills such as speech and language. Understandably at Giant Leap we consider having an Early Years Teacher on board our team as an absolute essential to support and inspire team members, act as a fantastic role model and monitor the teaching and learning we offer to all our children from birth to five years as well as the impact our teaching has on each individual child’s development.

Additionally having an Early Years Teacher in our setting also helps considerably with children’s transitions from nursery to school. Training involves a school placement; as a result our Early Years Teacher has direct experience of how a school works and how children can be best supported to make this important educational transition from Giant Leap to school.