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Posts from 2018-06-15

An Outstanding Nursery!

An Outstanding Nursery!

Ofsted OutstandingWe are delighted to announce that we have been graded Outstanding by Ofsted in all 4 key areas, which is an amazing achievement as only a small proportion of private nursery providers receive an Outstanding from Ofsted in all areas.

Ofsted are the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills, who inspect and regulate services that care for children and provide a rating of the settings performance from Inadequate (4) to Outstanding (1). They judge settings and offer findings based on the Effectiveness of Leadership and Management, Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment, Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare and Outcomes for Children.

This in depth inspection gives parents and families peace of mind that the setting your child attends, or you are viewing, are fulfilling the standards you expect.

Our report highlights our “remarkably strong relationships with children, parents and other professionals involved” which therefore allows children to “display high levels of self-confidence and self-esteem as they confidently explore the wonderful learning environments indoors and outdoors.”

The inspector also noted the strong systems or performance management through “Outstanding and Inspirational Leadership motivates and drives the excellent staff team. Staff carry out their duties with passion and commitment”. This supports to deliver our consistently strong teaching across the setting.

The nursery was praised heavily during the inspection for our partnerships with parents stating “this highly effective partnership working vastly increases outcomes for children”. 

The report concludes stating “All children, thrive in the stimulating and wholly inclusive environment. They acquire a wide range of skills that prepares them exceptionally well for school. Children work collaboratively together as they share, take turns and listen to others’ opinions. Children confidently express their needs and feelings, initiating their own ideas to extend their learning”.

“We are absolutely thrilled to receive such fantastic feedback and would like to thank all children, parents, families and our community for your wonderful support on a daily basis. Our outstanding rating is a fantastic way to bench mark the efforts the team put into their work on a daily basis- for this we are so grateful to have such a dedicated and excellent team.”

Jade Taylor, Senior Nursery Manager of Giant Leap Childcare

Tel. 01282 425893

Email: jade@giantleapchildcare.co.uk

Please click here to read the full Ofsted report.