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Posts from 2018-08-06

Cycling is Healthy and Fun

Cycling is Healthy and Fun

There are so many benefits to cycling and so many reasons for your child to take it up. It's one of the best forms of exercise for a child and helps them stay fit and healthy in an enjoyable way.

Children could burn as much as 12lbs of fat per year*, although for many children weight loss is unnecessary but keeping fit and using the energy in your body is good for you, whatever your age.

Children who start exercising early in life are more likely to develop a fitness habit. What's more, cycling gives children bags of confidence and a sense of independence.

If your child is old enough to cycle on the roads on their own, then cycling to school is a great way to start the day. It will make them more alert in class, it's good for the environment and it's great fun to ride to school with a group of friends.

And don't forget, cycling is a fun and rewarding way for you to spend time together as a family.

*John Buckley, Professor of Exercise Science at University Centre Shrewsbury