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Our Super Stars suite is organised specifically to help children prepare for school life and enjoy learning through a variety of structured activities and purposeful play. The spacious suite together with its own dedicated outdoor space is designed to allow children to move around freely to access all areas of provision, allowing children to develop their own interests, unique personalities, self-confidence and learning skills.

Every day is an adventure for children at Giant Leap as they explore a varied timetable and learn new skills. Our Super Stars suite is led by our Early Years Teacher and the team plan activities to reflect the Early Years Foundation Stage for the development of pre-school children. We offer curriculum that covers communication, reading, numeracy, exploration and science together with music, languages, drama, sport and IT. Children enjoy a mixture of structured and spontaneous activities every day.

We support children's play and learning in all areas of provision and encourage children to try new things every day. The access to our outdoor play area allows children to choose whether they would like to be indoors or outdoors. Through their everyday activities, children at Giant Leap are taught the value of friendship, honesty, fairness and respect for others with our staff promoting diversity and equal opportunities through a variety of celebrations and festivals.


It is always a sad day for us when our children at Giant Leap leave to go to school. We mark this important rite of passage by having a traditional graduation ceremony. This is a fun day and one that parents are encouraged to attend. It gives children an opportunity to feel a huge sense of pride in what they have achieved and look forward to moving onto their new schools.

Parents can be confident that a Giant Leap start in life makes moving on to school an easy transition.

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