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Our baby suite is called 'Twinkle Stars' and is specifically designed for babies from birth to 18 months.

The baby suite occupies large, bright and airy day rooms and there are integrated sleeping areas, which enable staff to check on the babies while they have a nap.

Attentive care and nurturing is vital at this young age and our babies benefit greatly from engagement with adults, other children and the physical and outdoor environment.

There will be no shortage of quality time and cuddles for your baby and there are also a wide range of activities for your little one to enjoy.

Our baby room team stimulates tactile activities that encourage development and they work hard to create a "home-from-home" environment that provides a gentle transition from home to nursery life, and has lots of cuddles.

We have plenty of high quality and stimulating toys/equipment that are appropriate to each stage of development, all of which are designed to encourage new skills such as crawling, walking and talking.

In addition to a tranquil sleep area this suite also has a milk preparation area and nappy changing area. All formula milk and freshly prepared weaning foods are provided and babies are fed on demand. Mothers are welcome to come in and breast-feed their baby if they wish or alternatively leave their expressed breast milk if they prefer. We provide all meals, snacks, formula milk, nappies, creams and wipes for your child in order to make the morning routine as easy as possible for parents.

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